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Who We Are

Company Overview

We are a veteran owned development company with a focus on creating solutions for businesses to streamline processes while reducing spending and maximizing productivity. We have that veteran bond and we want to share that with you! We have language experience in HTML5, CSS3, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Python and Java.

Our Dreams, Our Goals, Our Passions

Our dream is to evolve cutting edge technology and create solutions to make digital innovations designed to improve everyone’s quality of life. Our goal is to create solutions that impact society worldwide. Our passion is to code and provide digital solutions for all our customer needs.

What does Solutions I²E Bring to the Table.

Solutions I²E uses creativity and professionalism in all aspects of our services. We focus on customer excellence and give detailed orientated solutions through collaboration and a focus on the client’s best interests to bring the highest value product possible.


Web Design

When it’s time to take a big step in your business start here. Having your own website creates an equal playing field between small and large companies. 81% of shoppers will conduct online research before buying so give them the opportunity to find you. 67% of those shoppers are more likely to use your product or service if you’re website is mobile friendly. Let us guide you to a design that looks amazing on every platform. Here at Solutions i2E we will bring your company to the digital world and use technology and our creativity to craft the exact landscape to present to the world. Within this service, we will tailor your site to your exact specifications with functionality and a stunning media site to best suit your company’s taste. With today’s media landscape, we will ensure that your site will also translate to mobile devices so that the look and feel of the site flows perfectly to reach any potential customer.

Mobile App Development

During our mobile development, we will collect all the information from our clients to meet all the needs of the mobile experience. We will design the application to run on the customers desired platform or in a cross-platform app. Our overall goal at Solutions I²E is to not only bring the idea of the app to life but to present each client’s products and services while connecting with more clients through a thrilling mobile experience.

Custom Softwear Development

We will develop the application that delivers each client’s business need into a digital solution that makes each process more efficient. During this process, we will gather all aspects of your company to incorporate that into the application to save you time and money. The application will be designed to your specifications to innovate for your company while ensuring every security measure is taken to keep the system safe and secure.

Web App Development

We will develop an immersive web application rich in functionality that simplifies your company’s day to day tasks and streamlines each business processes. We will help define your perfect app to ensure that each technology is integrated into the project to add the overall functionality that you desire. With a cloud native application and e-commerce security is a must and we will ensure all steps are taken to secure the project. Also, while enjoying the freedom and security of this new web app we can incorporate your companies’ database into the application to give you a competitive edge and the freedom to focus on what is important your clients and life.

Our Process


Here at Solutions I²E we respect your privacy and will take every step to safeguard your personal and business information. Contact us today to get your free consultation and start on the future project of your dreams.


Once a customer decides to choose Solutions I²E, we will draw up an agreement based upon the interview during the consultation phase. Also, included in the agreement will be the projected completion date. Once the agreement is signed, the staff at Solutions I²E will start working on the next phase which is the Design phase.


During the design phase, we will start with the planning and layout of your project and use the information gathered during the consultation phase. A second interview will be scheduled to gather more information that may be needed to complete the design process. In addition, our staff will present the design overview during the second interview. Your vision will start to come to life now using a custom design through a detailed overview of the project. The next phase is when the fun starts which is Development and Programming phase.

Development and programming

We’re not going to lie this is our favorite part. From initial concept to design phase, this is where your business solution comes to life which is why this part is so special to Solutions I²E and to our customers. The reason we exist is to help our customers succeed through a product that meets all the needs of your business or project. This phase involves writing code to develop our customer’s entire project. This is the longest step in the process because we will give you no less than our best.


Before the project is launched, Solutions I²E uses a rigorous quality control checklist to make sure all functions are working properly and is compatible on all platforms and devices before publishing the project.


During this phase, our staff will prepare each customers project to be launched. After all aspects have been looked over and the design has been polished, we will begin to move the completed project to its designated platform and ensure the project is fully functional for the desired platform.


Enjoy Solutions I²E’s free 30 days (for web services) or 60 days (for web apps or software) of free support for all services knowing that we are there to support you if any problems arise.

Current Projects

Currently we are working on an application that can be used for school districts and day cares. We just released the first version that is for private use and plan to release a beta version for public use in September. The project is a ASP.Net project that uses C# that will be available on Android and Windows platforms.

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